Company Law and corporate restructuring

We advise our clients on numerous company-related matters on a daily basis. We also act as a company lawyer for our clients. This enables us to understand better the company and its need for legal assistance, and thus to offer exactly the right legal service efficiently and quickly. The Finnish Companies Act was amended in 2006 and now offers companies a wide variety of new opportunities – particularly in respect of structural changes, financing and the distribution of funds. At the same time, the new Act will in certain respects increase the liability of a company’s management and shareholders. The authority relationships between a company’s administrative bodies are clarified, and partly changed. The new Limited Liability Companies Act applies to all limited companies, and provision should be made for this.

Changes in ownership, equity transactions and financing

A part of our work consists of negotiations and the drafting of contracts on different kinds of changes in a company’s ownership structure. It is important to carefully address the client’s business aims. A good command of general company law and strong negotiation skills create the basis for these services. Issues of company law often play a central role in the planning and implementation of acquisitions, changes to corporate structure, financial and other business arrangements, capital investments, and shareholder agreements. Company law relates closely to the merging of limited liability companies