Immaterial Property Rights and IT-Law

Immaterial property rights usually form the business basis of companies in the technology and IT sectors. For this reason it is essential for the company to also carefully address the legal aspects of immaterial property rights and to decide the procedures to be used in R&D work and for acquiring, protecting, utilising and commercialising IPR – in other words, to create the company’s IPR strategy.

In our view, it is important to understand the nature and uses of IPR as an integral part of our client’s business operations rather than as a separate phenomenon. We familiarise ourselves  with the particular economic, technological, commercial and legal requirements of our customer’s business operations. Our objective is to assist our clients in integrating IPR into their business, marketing and product development strategy in Finland and abroad.

We aim at thoroughly understanding the technology that our clients use. This helps us in negotiations on different kinds of licensing, financing and M&A arrangements and on making registration applications. Nowadays it is essential that a company protects its immaterial property rights, knowhow and trade secrets with various kinds of contractual arrangements to minimize the risks involved. We also assist our clients to license and commercialise those rights and assist in various litigations, if needed.

We advise our clients in identifying, protecting and commercialising IPR as well as in the planning and implementation of strategies relating to various manufacturing, subcontracting, resale, licensing, maintenance and support agreements. In addition, we assist with the drawing up of employment contracts and guidelines on employees’ inventions for companies and other organisations in the ICT sector.