Supporting private persons in legal matters

We provide legal assistance to all kinds of situations. You can turn to us in matters such as housing and real estate transactions, employment contracts, inheritance as well as custody and visitation rights involving children. Our services are founded on reliability, expertise and personalised service for the client.

Our services include:

  • Family and child law issues
  • Wills and inheritance issues
  • Housing transaction issues and property disputes
  • Employment matters
  • Patient injury cases
  • Contract matters
  • Damages
  • Criminal cases
  • Attesting of real estate transactions in the capacity of notary public
  • Administrative matters

Legal aid and legal expenses insurance

We can find out whether you are eligible to obtain legal protection based on insurance, or public legal aid. Legal expenses insurance included in home insurance or other insurance may compensate litigation costs in certain situations such as civil cases, criminal cases and family law issues. If legal aid is granted, the costs of managing the matter are reimbursement in whole or in part from government funds.